E I G H T _ _ P A S T _ _ M I D N I G H T

hey guys! things have been tough at my place since my sister lost her job. we struggle to pay our monthly bills, forgo necessary doctor’s appointments because we can’t afford the co-pays, and don’t buy food most weeks because we just don’t have the money. we’re basically desperate. every week some of our bills go unpaid because we don’t have enough which ends up adding on late fees or overdraft fees for our bank accounts. our cars all need work that we can’t afford to get done so we just keep driving unsafe cars with transmission and tire problems. I don’t want to ask people to just give us money via paypal or gofundme, because I know how strapped for cash everyone is. but please allow me to let you know about eight past midnight. it’s my sister’s etsy shop, and it’s full of beautiful but simple pendant necklaces as low as $5, as well as photography and typography digital downloads for $2.50. international shipping is available. please take a look around and please consider buying something, and if you can’t all I ask is please reblog and signal boost this. every little bit helps and whenever anyone buys anything, we really appreciate it and need anything we can get. Thanks so much!